Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blogging Virgin

I entered the point in my life where i feel that my words and life could have an impact on someone somewhere or maybe even an impact on my self in a couple weeks or months. my life is not the most exciting life, i am a single mother in every aspect of those words. i have my supportive family and a handful of close friends. life has definitely thrown me a couple curve balls but i think that i handle them well. i have tried to start dating this year but i dont think it is going very well :-/ it is effing hard! plus i tend to like those guys that are soooooo inappropriate for me but they are always sooooo cute. a note to any reader, i am sarcastic....very sarcastic.

The first guy that i decided to date this year, since i made dating my new year's resolution, is someone that i still have to see on a weekly basis, honestly what was i thinking!! granted he was really nice but seriously? did i think that we would be together for ever! man, the first relationship out of a long serious relationship is a lot of residual feelings i think. i thought i loved him like immediately and loved that he wanted to meet my son like before our second date. totally got played on that one! haha, definately pulled into the single mom hook! it was fun while it was fun but then it got retardedly serious and that was it! I learned from him though that apparently i do want a partner in life and that i am kinda lonely....but if anyone asks i am definately a confirmed bachlorette!

My blogging vriginity has now been lost. i feel the exact same way that i did when i lost my sexual really wasnt anything special. but maybe it is like they say, it just gets better after the first time!

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