Tuesday, August 11, 2009


One of my favorite parts of the day is picking up Parker from
daycare. Not only because I miss him during the day (ha some days not
as much as others! Haha) but becauose he always has a story to tell.
Like most four year olds his stories are BIG! I mean not just any
little thing happens, but something monumental happens everyday!
Yesterday his faces was scratched up a little bit and when I asked him
what happen he went into a 20 minute long monologue. Cassani grabbed
his face and squeezed and scratched. Oh but wait first Cassani
wouldn't move but he asked her to move "like 3 times Mommy (throwing
his hands in the air and rolling his eyes)!". Oh but wait! Before
that Cassani wanted to sit next to him..and so on. When I asked him
if he cried he said "well Mommy, I felt tears in my eyes but I didn't
cry." "Did it hurt Parker?". "No it just burned (jumps off the couch)
I'm gonna see how good she got me in the mirror."
His stories are hysterical and he tells them with such conviction and
detail. Today was a reinactment of a fall in the muscle room which
left a raseberry on his hip. Because of his super fast shoes, the c
strap (aka z-strap), he was going so fast that he could tell he was
going to slide but he turned so that he wouldn't slide but then he did
slide and fall on the floor. (as he finished his story his tone
changed to almost laughing at himself and throwing his arms in the air)

Keeping up with him is exhausting on me physically but listening to
his explanations about life (although quite funny) are exhausting on
my brain.

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  1. You should totally record a story and post it here! Do I-Phones do video?