Friday, August 14, 2009

French music and fish faces

I have a new obsession....French rap. I cannot work in the morning
with out the French pop and rock radio station I found on iTunes
radio. It is getting bad...I write down the names of the songs and
the artists I like, it distracts me from working because I am
constantly going back to the computer to find out who it is...less of
an obsession but more of an addiction, if you will. The worst part of
this addiction-most of the stuff I like is NOT on iTunes!!!! I don't
know about anyone else but I pretty much only buy music on iTunes
since I got my iPod. I can only get my fix while I'm at work and only
until 10am! (listening to French rap or any rap is frowned upon). So
for 3 hours I am in my little heaven of pretending that I will be able
to understand what they are saying. It is bliss. Well, there is a
lot of western pop too but I can handle that.

So since I can't get it here I might have to go to
about being strung out!

1 comment:

  1. You might have to go to Europe? Oh darn, what would you ever do there :)