Friday, August 28, 2009

The Look

Parker was one of the last kids last night at daycare which is typical for thursdays. There is normally a little boy infant there as well who happens to be one of the most beautiful baby boys I have ever seen. Every time I see him I have to give him lovins and tell his mom how beautiful he is (I am sure she is getting sick of this but I do it anyway). Yesterday the new director of the center was holding this particular baby and of course I was swooning. She said, "doesn't just make you want to have another one?" I said, "No, not at all." Her face changed immediately to "the look." If a mother says something that is not quite what a mother should say there is always "the look." I then felt the need to explain myself. But why should I have felt that way? Why as women do people (men and women) think that we are crazy to not want a baby as soon as we see someone else's? I don't even think that I will ever get to the point of wanting to put myself through pregnancy, birth and raising another child. I mean one child is a handful, but to throw another into the mix? The idea makes my head explode.

That look is one that happens frequently. I know I am not a bad mother, there are times when I should do things differently and I do if it happens again. It is a learning process and I do what makes sense in my gut. Parker wanting Hello Kitty socks and a Cinderella doll are the two most recent instances I get "the look" about. But seriously, it's a toy and socks, lets not get caught up in the small stuff folks! He tried to use the phrase, "I ain't" and was told to correct himself. Lets put that on the other side of the scale from the socks and doll, hmmm, looks like proper English wins! But again, I feel like I need to explain why my son has a Cinderella doll but I don't need to so I won't and I am done!

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