Tuesday, July 13, 2010

*Deep Sigh*

Today was a relief.  Not mad at all.  My neighborhood took a shower today, which I know sounds really weird, but it smelled way better than it normally does.  I tried to explain it to my wonderful neighbors over dinner and they looked at me weird, but you know the smell when you walk in the bathroom minutes after someone just had a really steamy shower and it smells all flowery and clean?  Winton Road AND Este both smelled like that.  I know, weird, but an ole factory delight.

Highlight of the Day:  Parker was awarded another book for his LeapFrog Tag reader pen thingy.  He was awarded this because he has fallen asleep....in his bed....every night for the past 5 nights.  This is a pretty big deal. And, last night there was no migration to my room at all.  Totally new book worthy. 

Anti-highlight....he is not sleeping right now...BLARG!

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