Sunday, July 11, 2010


I went to Target yesterday to get a few things.  Items that I didn't necessarily need but at that time, Whales cheese crackers seemed really important.  Then while I was showering this morning (and when I say morning I really mean late afternoon) I remember that I need a new shower curtain liner......something I could have purchased at Target or even Kroger yesterday while I was out.  Reason why I didn't remember?!  Mom-nesia!  This happens constantly!  When I really need something like toothpaste or shampoo or soap....the things we need but only buy maybe once a month, I can never remember them until it is a desperite situation!  (we recently were on the sample toothpaste tubes we got at Taste of Cincinnati and on sample body wash that I randomly found).  And I'm a list maker!  I don't even remember them on the list!  Yes I am blaming motherhood for this problem.  I know I'm not the only one.....others are out there.....I think we should form a memory support group.  Who's with me?!?!?!

I really do need a new shower curtain though, maybe this will help me remember :-/


  1. That's when it starts and it never goes away!

  2. I've been known to send myself emails to try and remember stuff :)

  3. That is a great idea since I have it on my phone! I try to use the note app but I forget to look at it then....