Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Almost Wordless Almost Wednesday

When I picked up Parker from daycare, I told him that he was going to meet Sadie today.  His reaction.....a double fist pump and a "Yessssssss."  Then he looked at me and exclaimed, "She is home!!!!"  Next I told him the Quinn (Sadie's big sister) was home too.  His reaction.....another double fist pump and a louder "Yesssssss!!!!"  He smiled the entire way home because he wanted to meet his "sister" so badly.  He smiled the entire time he held her and commented on how small she is and how Quinn will need to be careful with the baby.  He was so filled with love and excitement that he went around the room and told us that he liked us so much....but what he really meant was how much he loves Nikki, Zach, Quinn and now Sadie.  This is now my favorite picture of my son, he is a proud "big" brother.

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  1. Parker truly is a big brother to Quinn and now Sadie. I LOVE the pictures!! I can't tell you how much I hate that I'm 4 hours away.