Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eden Park

What a beautiful afternoon!  When it is as nice as it is today I often take him to the park, but I wanted to move.  I had ants in my pants.  I wanted to be in nature, but living in the city cause problems with that.  Next best?  Explore one of the many parks (not just a playground park) in Cincinnati.  We chose Eden Park.  We were there earlier this summer for the Japanese Butterfly exhibit but didn't walk around too much.  We found the play ground and the overlook of the Ohio River, but today we were on a mission.....a mission from God.....ha, just kidding....ahh, The Blue's Brothers.  Anyway, it was a  mission to hike. Parker has never been hiking and this wasn't "real" hiking because they have paved all of the paths, but it was a good beginning step.  We walked 3.85 miles!  Started at Mirror Lake at the entrance of Eden Park, went to the Conservatory, Twin Lakes and then back to Mirror Lake.  Parker and I were so pumped that we walked up to the Art Museum instead of going to the car!  This morning when I suggested a hike, he was resistant at the idea, but about half way through he looked at me and said, "This is way better than I thought it would be, it's pretty awesome."  Enjoy some pictures from our afternoon!
Looking over Mirror Lake
Mirror Lake
Can't take a serious picture
Water Tower
Old ass stone steps that were steep
Krohn's Conservatory
The biggest stick ever
This park, as well as all the others, are part of why I love Cincinnati so much.  I have been drafting entries about my love for this city, but they always sounds I'm thinking I'll break down the city like this entry....sorry that was kind of internal thought typed out.....and yes I do that while I am speaking with people as well.


  1. Great pictures! I think the last time I was up in those parts was when I subbed as a lifeguard at the Mt. Adams pool.

    There are so many great places in/around Cincinnati to explore! Y'all should go check out Redbird Hollow sometime :)

  2. We will! I am glad to see that you had a lovely Sunday as well! It's nice to know that you had a beautiful weather day all the way over there and we had the same all the way over here! :)

  3. what a darling young lady & little boy! They must have wonderful relatives, especially grandmother!