Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hardball sucks

First my last post. 

I wish I could share fabulously great news like, we are closing in October!  But, I can't.  Negogiations kinda suck.  I know there will be other houses and maybe something spectacular is around the corner, but for now I will be disappointed and I'm okay with that.  In the mean time we will continue living below our best friends and dealing with our dumbass landlord.....wasting my money.

On a bit of a small rant about buying a house....someone said to me that they were surprised that I would want to buy a house considering that I am a single mom.  Why would I want to take on the responsibility of a house?  There was a mention of the freedom of an apartment and renting, that I could move whenever I want to basically.  It was an interesting comment.  Historically, in a social sense, a single woman wouldn't buy a house because it would then create an odd dynamic in her single life, an obstacle to finding a mate.  But that was not his reasoning, but a more realistic one about responsibility and the fact that I am, indeed, a busy lady.  I see where he was coming from, if I have an issue in the apartment, I call my dumbass landlord and hope that he takes care of it before my next rent check is due....but it would all be on my shoulders in a house.  I thrive on responsibility.  I don't know why or when it started, but I like the extra pressure.  I work at my best under pressure, so I think that I can handle it.  After I thought about this gent's comment for a while I realized that I am ideal for property ownership.  I am trying to establish roots for Parker, not a spontaneous living condition.  I have no plans of just up and leaving town because of Parker.  If I was childless and single there would be no way I would buy a house because I wouldn't want the commitment.  I brought up my point later and that thought was one that hadn't crossed his mind.

Yes, a house would be a huge added responsibility in my life and yes, I would be the only adult there to take care of any issues that would come up, but how cool would it be for Parker and I to have our own true space with a yard and our own grill and a front porch and starting a new chapter in our lives....not that we haven't been on our own, but with our own house.  I guess I am kind of a romantic about the notion of home ownership and until the reality of it crushes my romantic hopes and dreams, I will remain optimistic that I should buy a house.

(optimism is hard for me so consider that last statement to be huge progress!)


  1. I re-bought my house after my divorce. Karl was 4 and Jon was 2. I rented it for a year, then moved back into it. I paid the neighbor kid to mow the grass and I painted, and took care of it for 20 years after that. That house was my financial security. I was able to get my own car loans, (being self employed and a woman yet back in the early 80's was still considered risky. I was able to refinance it later on because I had built an excellent credit score...then when the kids were ready for college, I was able to refinance again and use funds for college for the boys...(there was no help on the other side). I was able to buy another car when Karl went on his first co-op. That little house provided myself and my kids with security and money when we needed to use it. It was the best thing I ever did. Then when I remarried in 1995, I sold it and still had a nice amount come to me that I could invest in my next house. It was our safety blanket and the best thing I did. Go for it! The timing is right! You can't go wrong! Love, Aunt Sally

  2. Thanks for your encouragement Sally! I'm glad I have such a supportive family :)