Monday, October 25, 2010

They're baaaaaaaaack!

Two years ago last month Parker and I started our lives away from Dayton.  I moved into the apartment about 1 and 1/2 weeks before Parker.  There was a lot of traveling between Dayton and Cincinnati for transitional purposes and also because I hadn't found a daycare in Cincinnati right away.  Then Jennifer and Eric married at the beginning of October, so really two years ago now-ish, Parker and I started our lives and routine in Cincinnati.  I remember coming home that first Sunday after their wedding and thinking that it was time to relax and get used to the city I love......we walk into Parker's green room and there on the walls are wasps.....yes, multiple wasps.  I think I killed 6 that day.  Called the landlord, he came over and helped me kill some more.  This went on everyday for months.  My landlord, although a very nice guy, has no idea about managing properties or the responsibilities that fall on his shoulders nor does he believe in chemical based pesticides.  We went through so many different types of treatment for the wasps.  Did I mention they were only in Parker's room?  You can imagine how bed time was for about a year after that.....that's right, a year.  Actually, it took over a year and harsh chemicals to finally get rid of those little fuckers.  No one could figure out where they were coming from, I still think that they are living in the walls, but no one listens to me!  The last treatment we had was about 10 months ago and it has worked!  In the past 2 years they have shown up in the fall and spring....well, it was working. 

Today I started doing the dishes and Parker called from his room....I walk in and there are two wasps, one flying and the other one walking.  Parker said, "You thought you done with that crap."  Although inappropriate for him to say, he said it perfectly.....I totally thought I was done with that crap!


  1. Oh crap. What the hell are wasps doing mucking about in late October? Shouldn't they be hibernating or something?

  2. it is warm out...they are probably confused but it is pretty irritating!