Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am addicted to facebook.  I have been since it is so easy to access via my phone.  I am on it way too much, care about it way too much, care about who accepts or puts my friend requests in queue way too much.  It is distracting and time consuming.  I hate when I miss peoples birthdays because I was only on my phone version and not the computer version.  I hate when my witty comments just sound ridiculous and poorly thought out....aka no one gets it but me.  I love quoting Parker on it.  I love posting pictures, making comments, stalking people I went to grade school and high school with.....there are a few of you that I know way more about than I should considering our high school commencement was probably that last time we were in the same room....but I know...muhahahaha!  Ahem,....sorry about the creepiness.

But tonight, Facebook, I hate you and want to have nothing to do with you.  Twice in 1 month you have informed me that someone I shared moments with in this life are no longer here.  Twice I have felt horribly that that is the way that I found out about someone's death.  The first was a former employee of mine and the second is my friend.  We were in band.  He was the little brother of my close friend during the early years of high school.  He played drums.  We would make crude innuendos about beating his drum and stroking his drum sticks.  He had red hair and I called him fire crotch.  I had a little crush on him.  I saw him about a year ago at a bar up in Dayton.  He was there with some other people I knew and he just came over a gave me a hug like he would in the band room.  He had the best smile.  His family is in pain.  His sister, my adolescent friend is hurting like I can't even imagine.  His friends, our mutual friends are hurting....there is one in particular that I grew up with that I am thinking about right now.  My heart and love and thoughts go out to all of them.  To all of those he knew. 

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