Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Tree

I came out of my room yesterday morning to find that Parker had put all the ornaments on the tree.....without me.....and without the lights being in place first.  It was adorable.  Instead of playing before I awoke he took the initiative to decorate and help without being to told or asking if he could.  I was kind of sad because that is was I had planned for our lazy, snowy Sunday, but you can't be too upset when a 5 year does something to show that he is thinking outside his world and his own needs.  So I smiled and said thank you to him.  He then explained to me why there are no ornaments at the top or around the sides of the tree......well duh, he simply couldn't reach.  The "particular" side of me wants to fix is but the sentimental mom in me just wants to look at it as long as the tree is alive so that I am sure to remember the way it looks for years to come when I retell the story of the first time Parker decorated the tree literally on his own.  I will put lights on it however and take a picture for sure....I trust photos to assist most of my memories of Parker and my life right now.....I am a Moyer and good memories are not something that is in our gene pool.  (well they are good we are just bad at remembering this accurately)

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