Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 5-Your siblings

I think on Day 1 I said that I am one of three girls.....and if I didn't, i just did!  I have an older sister and a younger sister, yes I am the middle and yes I totally have middle child syndrome (and I am the funniest).

Jen (the oldest) and I have a very friendly relationship.  She is definitely one of my best friends.  We think very similarly and have many of the same opinions.  I was the classic little sister that wanted to be just like her big sister when I was younger.  Everything Jen did, I did.  It was cool having a role model like that until we started fighting.  That phase in our life didn't last long though.  We started hanging out socially when I was a freshman and she was a senior.  It was awesome until she graduated and left me.  I remember the first day of my sophomore year, I walked into the school and realized all my friends were in college.  But that was a long time ago.  Because we were sisters we saw each other enough, but because we were friends, we would make plans together.  She has done a lot in her adult life from getting a degree, running a pizza place, selling fabric, starting her own home decorating company to now planning events.  Jen has quite the eye for fashion and she has a great ability to make a bunch random crap look amazing as someone's centerpiece at their wedding.  She can make anything look great.  Beyond her decorating artisiness, she can draw....I remember trying to recreate her art when I was younger (which was an epic fail).  She is also musical.  We all were but she was definitely the best at piano.  You can see her connect with the notes while she is still great to watch her.  Jen has great patience too and because of that she is a great Aunt.  She got married in 2008 to a man she met in 1998.  They are happily married which is actually kinda funny because most of their early 20's they agreed that they didn't need to join the institution of marriage to be committed and happy....haha....hippy.

Lauren (the youngest) and mine relationship is very different from mine with Jen.  She and I have gone through some more turbulent times.  I always wanted her and I to have the same kind of relationship that Jen and I have, and I don't really know why we didn't besides that we are more different.  She views the world in such a unique artistic way that no matter how hard I try, I can't see it the same.  She amazes me though.  Talk about some amazing art.  The connection her hands have to her mind is awesome.  I am extremely jealous of her talent.....both of them have to much art within them and I have none.  Her art has been in galleries across the country and she was picked from her school to have her art displayed in the Illustrators Guild in New York.  She is also brave.  Lauren is the only one who has moved out of state and stayed out of state.  She left and lived in Alaska with my cousin for 4 months a couple summers ago.  When she was a junior in high school she moved to Brasil for 6 months as an exchange student (this was after my dad's wife was living in the states).  She doesn't care about what people think of her artistic fashion....I love it even though some of what she wears is a little strange, but I wish I had the balls to be like her sometime.  (She has a fashion blog here).  She is the first to admit that she is a nerd in all of her nerdly glory., in fact her and her fiance drove across the country to attend ComiCon in San Diego acouple years ago....and no, not for the gaming side but for the comics and Star Wars side.  I am so proud of Lauren, I have seen her low but rise to the highest high.  She is getting married this summer and I am so happy for her. 

Both of my sister's are wonderful and when we are together it is a fun time of making fun of each other, laughing, reminising, crying and sometimes a politcal debate.  Regardless of how often we fight (ahem, Lauren and I) or don't see life in the same way, they are both guarenteed people that I can confide in and trust.  It is fun being in the middle, I get to be the little sister and the proud big sister at the same time.  I know them both in such different ways than they even know each other, that besides being the funniest....I think I am the luckiest too.

(that last sentence was pretty effing sappy)


  1. <3 From the feisty youngest! kisses and huggles.

  2. From the "Fatha" three continue to make me proud. We did do good bringing you three into this world, it is a much better place!!