Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ides of March

When I was little and people would ask when my Mom's birthday was, I would tell them, March 15th....they would say, "The Ides of March."  But as a child, I always heard, "The Eyes of March."

Today is my Mom's birthday.  I will not disclose her age because she will already be mad at me enough for putting these pictures on here.  She hates all pictures of herself, I can understand, I feel the same about pictures of me.  But anyway, today I am obviously writing about her.

We celebrated her birthday over the weekend because Lauren was home from Michigan and I drove up from Cincinnati.  Saturday morning, Lauren and I decided that we would swoop her up once we arrived in Dayton and take her for a pedicure.  I swear there is nothing better than a pedicure after a long work week.  Jen then met up with us after she was done with work.  The picture is from the nail drying station, I was on one side and those three were on the other.  We were laughing and being so loud that I am pretty sure the workers were talking smack about us in Vietnamese.  But that is the joy of being around my mom and my two sisters....no matter what is going on in our personal lives, we can just have fun and laugh until we either choke or cry.  It helps when my Mom makes up strong cocktails too.....(we raided the liquor cabinet later that night).

Pat took us all out to a great early dinner the next day and then we celebrated with cake and more laughter until we all had to go our seperate ways.  I hope that my Mom had a great time....

She is so wonderful that every year I never know what to get her to show how amazing she is to me.  We had a rough patch when I was younger, but we are so close now that I would never change the path of our relationship.  She and I can relate on a unique level compared to my sisters because we are both mothers and because we have both been or are single parents.  Granted my dad was involved, but she gets it when I talk about how hard it is to drop the kid bomb when you meet someone.  She gets it when I just need some time to myself.  She gets the things that I don't say more than anyone else out there.  She also makes me want to be the best at everything I do.....I still get childishly giddy when I know that I have made my Mommy proud.

I hope your birthday is wonderful Mom....thank you for everything.

I love you :)

 (evil eyes...note that Jen's look normal and not evil at all...she is bad at making faces)

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  1. I love you, too... and, yes, you are in trouble for the photos!!