Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When someone hurts your baby Part II

To understand, please read this.

I am not the type to threaten people.  Even at work when someone is really really screwing up, I do not threaten them to correct their bad work behavior because it really doesn't work.  I have threatened to "ground" Parker from his toys as a way to get through to him when he is in the 6 year old tunnel vision of a fit or whatever you want to call his bad attitude driven behavior, but over all, it is not my favorite tactic.  I feel like communication about the issue is better for most circumstances.

When this event first happened, a close friend told me to just drop the "L" (lawyer) word and I would get my money back asap.  At that point, getting a refund for the camp that I had planned on paying for wasn't my first thought.  I wanted people to be held accountable and educated on the need for everyone to use sunscreen, not just my pale ass kid.  But after about a week, and giving my self enough time to step back, I realized (with the help of everyone) that by not asking for them to compensate me in any form, that it would be much more likely for their negligence to affect another family and also that it was still the easy way out for them.  Pay me to not go to the Health Board or to not go to the Ohio Licensing office for Daycare facilities or the media or the Mayor or who ever.  It was still the only thing I could think about even though Parker's shoulders were nearly done peeling.  So I decided that I would email the same guy that offered me the full refund in the first place.  I didn't ask for the full amount back, but for compensation for his doctor's visit and the weeks after the incident happened.  That was about a week and a half ago.  I have gotten no response.  Monday was Parker's first day back to being allowed to swim and play outside.  I told one of the workers that in the morning and wrote a note for her to pass along to his main counselor, but just to ensure that the communication chain wouldn't break down again.....I emailed the head of the Rec Center to let him know (the same guy who offered me the refund, and who I had emailed multiple times before) and within a 2 hours I was emailed back saying that he would absolutely pass along the message to the entire staff.  2 hours!  Of course I started thinking that the email involving the $ amount didn't go through so I checked my sent messages.....it definitely did!  I was telling a friend of mine last night (who works in a daycare facility and used to be Parker's care provider), and she said to email him again just to make sure he received the first one.  Thinking that I would get a response like it did yesterday morning, I re-emailed him about 24 hours ago and nada.  I am pissed.  Probably more pissed than I was the day I walked in and Parker had massive blisters on his shoulders.  So now, do I drop the "L" word?

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