Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Should be Day 7 of my blog challenge...but it's not

So I was supposed to be doing this 30 day pitot blog challenge thing....which obviously I failed.  Day two was last Wednesday and it was supposed to be a picture of my breakfast.  Well, I don't really eat breakfast.  That morning, as usual, I sipped coffee while packing Parker's lunch and watching him eat his Kroger brand frosted flakes.  Now, it's not that I eat nothing in the morning, it's just coffee is number 1.  Nothing (even water) before coffee.  Once I have had my 24oz fill to make my brain work right, then it is on to yogurt or fruit.  So anyway, that was my Wednesday morning.  I took a picture of my two clementines and my Fuji apple sitting on the ledge at work but I never really got to posting it for a could of reasons.  Well, actually, just one reason.   I was running very close to the pick up time for Parker's after school program, which isn't odd or out of place.  I am typically there right at 6 pm (although I always write 5:55 on the sign out sheet, I wonder if anyone notices).  But that evening one of the ladies in charge told me that she need to speak to me.  She pulled me aside and handed me a sheet of paper to sign.  She continued to tell me that Parker had come in the physically contact with another child and because of this he would have. 2 day suspension for the Y Winton program.   Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!....was first thought that came though my mind.  2 days?  Seriously?  Did he punch a kid?  No.  So what was the physical contact?  He put play doh on another child's glasses.  Seriously?!?!  Signed the paper and with steam coming out of my ears, I marched Parker to the car.  It is amazing the onset of anger when you have to deal with your child getting in trouble in the public sphere for the first time.  He has had his times where someone had to speak to me about him not listening properly and stuff like that, but he has never done anything that warranted removal.  While I'm still fuming, I tell him that he is under punishment until he is allowed back at Y Winton.  Things like "losing privileges" and "earning them back" fall out of my youth and I realize (only for a split second because I am pretty angry) that I sound just like my parents.  So it is set.  No TV.  No Leapster.  No iPad.  No games.  The first night was no toys either.  Only reading, puzzles or writing selling words allowed.  Lock down for a 6 year old for putting play doh on someone's glasses.  Day 1 wasn't too bad.  I think we went to be at 8 that night.  A full night's rest for both of us, which is not common. So a 2 day suspension means that I was able to leave work at 3:30 otto days in a row.  Typically I would be very VERY excited about this and I would typically have a huge long list of stuff for us to do with our extra time.  I had that thought for a second on thursday.  Then I remembered.....he is under punishment = nothing fun, for either of us.  That evening was very long with the extra 2 hours of being at home added to it. And so was Friday.  Saturday we ere both in jammies all day because there was really no reason to get dressed.  Sunday was the day of excitement because Parker had to go to my dad's house since Monday was a holiday.  Sweet relief for both of us.  He still had to follow the punishment rules, but being at Grandpa Jeff's is the greatest thing on earth, TV and games or not.  And I got to not be the "warden" for the night! Now I am sure you are thinking, jeeze Allyson! Wasn't that a little harsh for play doh covered glasses?  And yes, most of me believe that it was but, for clarification, the other little boy threw play doh at Parker and that was Parker's retaliation.  So for that, no I think it was about right. And what happened today?  His first day back at Y Winton?  He was socked in the face.  Did he retaliate?  Did he punch back?  Nope.  He removed him self from the situation and told a grown up needed ice for his fattening lip.  Lesson learned?  I hope so!  This weekend was awful and I don't really want to do it again! And that is why I never posted the picture of my fruit breakfast.


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  2. Ha, ha! I'm sorry, I know it's not funny, but the way you tell it certainly is. I will have to ask you for advice when my oldest starts getting "socked in the face." I know it's coming. He's a bruiser. Hang in there, momma! I think you're doing great!