Thursday, May 3, 2012

3 Weeks In

So this is my power outfit.  I should have linked this to the What I Wore Wednesdays hosted by Melaina, but I wore it today, obviously I missed the very open ended dead line.  I love this outfit.  Gray pencil skirt, blue blouse that ties at the waist (make me look very thin) and of course by blue satin peep toe 4 inch heels.  Yea, I pretty much own it when I wear that outfit.  It makes me feel good.  Confident, sexy, professional and the fact that I can walk successfully in those heels all day, bad ass.  I needed that feeling today, well this week really.  I am completing my third week at my new job.  Honestly, this week has been the best week in terms of learning.  I have been training with a different person each week, learning their position in the department although I will not be performing what I am learning right now.  So basically I learn how to do everything over about 8 weeks and then I will know how to do what I need to do from sounds backwards, but this week it has felt like it was working.  I have teased that either the woman I am training with has the easiest part or its starting to come together.

The group has been very confident in my progress and ability this early in.  I was allowed to do a claim alone last week and although they were not major errors, I did have three minor errors.  It was a big blow to my confidence level.  I felt bad that I didn't remember the parts and it was embarrassing because their confidence in me boosted me higher than I think I should have been.  If someone has high expectation of me, then I tend to have higher ones of myself.  And I really hate failing.  But that was last week.  This week I decided to go get JJ for lunch and it (naturally) made me terribly sad and nostalgic for my old line of work.  I loved that job but as you all didn't work for me any longer.  On top of those two things, I have realized that I hate not having a buddy at work!  I eat lunch alone each day.  I hate that!  I miss my crew at JJ.  I miss laughing with them about all the dumb shit that customers would do (and by the way, when you order an unwich online it automatically says no lettuce on the ticket bc I did not specify that).  I miss being sarcastic and just having bull shit conversations about everything all day.  I miss their personalities.  Basically most of last week and the beginning of this week have been hard emotionally.  So being bummed out last week and all sad about missing my old job and crew this week made me wear my favorite outfit.  Give me a boost that I needed.  

Today was great.  I adore the woman that is training me this week.  She is sarcastic, witty, slightly inappropriate and we work well together.  I am happy that I have her this week.  It was perfect timing.

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  1. Looking cute! You'll find your place in the new office, promise x