Sunday, March 10, 2013

Successful Week

What a relief this week has been!

My last post, I shared the way the my house utilizes our calender.  The revamp of the stickers started two weeks ago with week one not being 100% successful.  RP worked super hard that week but did earn enough to go to the art museum.....well the story has changed for this past week.  He just all the stickers he needed for some Saturday fun!  I am so proud of him.  He scratched the art museum and instead he wanted to play on the play place (I know, it's not what I would choose either) at McDonald's   Two sweaty hours later, he was  ready for home.  No, I did not play on the play place too, I had a nerdfest two hours creating and update a spreadsheet for Cub Scouts on number for, I love it.

The week was great, we still had reminders and some ups and downs.  He didn't earn as many bedtime stickers as he did the other kind which goes to show what really needs some work.  Saturday after the fun he had a melt down.  It started because I wasn't helping him clean his room.  I will have to watch what instigate a melt down in the middle of a good day.......I wonder if there is something common between good day melt downs.

Anyway, one thing that I have noticed does help him re-solidify from a melt down is helping with a task that is not normally given to him.  Specifically cooking and baking.  He helped me made a grape salad and a cake last night and it pulled him back together.  Future chef on my hands I think :)

Today was really icing on the cake (heehee).  It was the big ceremony for the Cub Scouts, one that I have been stressing over for a few weeks now.  And of course, RP was at the school bright and early (it was really only 11am but it felt like 10am! a little day light savings time humor for ya) because, as a leader, I was there to help set up.  He was great there, set up chairs, wiped off tables, help a few other parents.  Really kept himself occupied and listened.  The same happened through out the entire ceremony.  And then, to top off a successful event (minus Kroger not having my chicken order made on time), a friend.....well not just a friend, he favorite fellow Scout, asked him over to play.  This is a first folks!  He has gone to friends houses to birthdays and play dates, but nothing like this.  Not a spur of the moment thing where I am not invited to go along too!  Before he left, I told him to give me his uniform and he was shaking he was so excited to go that I think about it, I don't even think he said good bye!  Ha!

I wish I would have know the entire week was going to go so smoothly while it was happening....I think I would have tried to enjoy it a little more.  Now to this week.......

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