Thursday, June 6, 2013

No Small Feat

As many of you know already, I am now a homeowner.  Please feel free to jump up and down with joy for me....I will do it to....ok 3 more seconds......and we're done.

So homeowner I am.  Out with the old, though very cute apartment......
 (Even cuter when my landlord added the landscaping to the front of the house when he put it on the market.....of course not when he had two tenants.  RP and I lived in the bottom unit)

 and in with the new!  Isn't it cute!!  I love this picture.  It was an accident that RP and I were looking at each other.  But it works!  Show of hands to how many of you noticed the creepers in the back ground....if you can name those two, you get a seriously cool high five.

Something very random, but I found on my blog the other day was this post.  I wrote it during my 30 Day Blog Challenge at the beginning of 2011....take a second and read it by clicking here.  Funny huh?  It looks like I have everything that was on that list.

But anyway, so the new place is great....previous owners, not so great at cleaning.  I haven't painted or really done anything in terms of making it my own beside insuring that when I clean next time it will be my own filth, not some one else's or their pets.  That is really time consuming but part of the bathroom cleaning did involve an "update" if you will......a new.....wait for it.....toilet seat!  BOOM!  I thought, what an easy fix!  I thought, shooooooot, there is no way I will need help with that!!  I gots it!  So I go to change it last night after RP's last baseball game, and what do I discover?  Oh, the bolts are stripped and rusted!! (see exhibit 1) Needless to say, it didn't happen last night.
Exhibit 1
Now I know it looks like you could put a Philip's head in there, but trust me, it was a no go.  But thanks to the internet and mr's advice, sprayed from WD40 on those bad boys and the nuts underneath and BAM, I got it done.
The nuts broke while I was unscrewing them
Look at the nasty bolt.  And see the metal....gross.

 Isn't my new toilet seat pretty?  Not the word you would use to describe it?  Kinda weirded out that I posted a picture of my toilet?  I expected that a little bit, but what can I say, I am a little proud of my wasn't easy but I did not ask for anyone to come and help me do it.  I got it done.  Kitchen remodel?  Dust off my hardhat and get my tool belt.  (Just kidding....I don't have money for that!  I just bought a house!)

Just for an added little chuckle for you all, I have signed up for 2 Home Depot free "DIY" workshops.  And I signed mr up to go with me to one of them...concrete repair.....ooooo yea.
You are a little impressed, you can admit it.

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