Thursday, November 28, 2013

I am Thankful for.....

In the spirit of today's holiday, I decided that I would right down the things that I am thankful for this year instead of just the normal inner monologue.  I sound better via inner monologue-if you can believe that!

This year has brought about a lot of joy and a lot of sorrow.  Losing my grandpa was the biggest sorrow, but I am thankful that I had him for 30 years.  I am thankful he and my grandma shared their 65th wedding anniversary in April this year and that my dad and my aunts had both their parents for so long.  

I am always thankful that I have such an amazing family.  Both branches of my family never waiver in their support of me and RP.  I have always said that I come from a small family, but the Thanksgiving celebration on my dad's side last night goes to show how much we have grown.  Seeing all of my cousins together was wonderful.  My little sister's absence was felt and I hope that she will be able to travel to Ohio next year for this holiday, but she is busy taking on California.

I am thankful that I have seen my little sister three times this year.  Since her move to Oakland, I came to accept that I may only see her once a year, if that.  Seeing her three times in one year is unheard of, and I know every year won't be like this, but it was wonderful.  I hope that both of our successes in life will make a three times a year a regular thing eventually.  I will be traveling to CA in May, just knowing that it is only about 6 months until I see her again is very comforting.

I am thankful for the health of my parents and sisters.  We never know when or what life will bring us and the fact both my parents, my step parents, my sisters and my brother in law are all healthy is so easy to take for granted.  Today I recognize that not everyone has that comfort.  They are all sheltered and are able to provided the necessities for themselves.  They are all employed and they have all had the opportunity to do something special for themselves this year.  Jen and Eric have had a tougher year than they deserve, but they have each other to lean on and I am thankful for their love of one another.  I am thankful that Jen has a second family that loves her as much as I do.

I am thankful for my friends.  There are some of you, and you know who you are, that connect with me on such a level that I feel like I have known you my entire life.  We belong with each other no matter how close or far away you are.  There will always be that connection.  I have a couple close friends in Cincinnati, but my other ones are across this country and the world, yet I feel their connection everyday....and it's not because of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (I mean, social media helps for sure).  

I am thankful that the purchase of my house was so successful and that everything fell in place the way it needed to for that to happen.  Being a homeowner has brought me a sense of confidence and independence that I did not have before.  I have never felt more successful than I do at this moment in life.  I have a wonderful job, the undying support and enthusiasm of my family and friends, the start of an exciting relationship with a good man, and a son who is growing into a very interesting and caring young man.

I am the most thankful my son.  I have no idea what path my life would be if I did not have him.  It is hard to remember a time before him.  I am thankful for him everyday though, so that is kinda old news. Ha.

I can actually say that I recognize that I am thankful for each of these things fairly often.  When you try to enjoy the moment-to live in the now-you open your eyes up to what you have to be thankful for on a daily basis.  It's hard to do and I am not the best at slowing down, but seeing what I have around me is worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone reading!  


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