Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cub Scout Crafts

This is definitely one of my favorite crafts done by the boys in RP's den.  We have our annual Blue and Gold Ceremony this coming weekend with a theme of "Flight."  Each of the Dens are responsible for making a center piece under the theme, so my den made some clothes pin airplanes and a diorama to put them in.  I found the planes online line here and then had the genius idea (with a little help figuring how to make this a requirement) of putting the planes in shoe boxes.  Boom.  Best craft ever.  The boys really loved making the planes and their scenes too.  Creative bunch I have here.  I am impressed with each of their artistic abilities and how well they stayed on task during this meeting.  

Hard at work coloring the sky and gluing tissue paper as grass.
Not only did he color the back part, but the sides too!
This guy hung his planes so it was soaring in the sky!
Got artsy and took his pic upside down.  Used all mediums from coloring to paper to tissue paper.
RP meticulously using torn up tissue paper as grass so there would be texture.
RP's finished product....not sure what he has against blue skies!  I like the one taking off :)

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