Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Broken hearts

A friend has recently broken up with her boyfriend. She thought that
this was what she wanted...you know to be single and flirt and play
without guilt or fear of hurting another person-you know the very
essence of being single. Well it turns out that it wasn't what she
wanted. Now she has pleaded and begged and the boyfriend is not
willing to try. I don't know what to say to my friend. On one hand
she fucked up and must deal with the outcome of her
choices...something that is very hard to do. But on the other hand
why can he forgive? I mean I think that it is inevitable that they
will spend their lives together. They are both so effing weird and
hard to tolerate but they are weird together and tolerate (a more
positive word would be accept) each other so well. But what if they
don't? I can't even imagine a world were they are not a pair...they
are like ...ummm...peas and carrots? No more like cookies and cream,
that is such a good combination, a classic duo (and a lot tastier and
if they were food they would be tastier than peas and carrots).

But she knows how good they were so restating that would make me a bad
friend. I feel as though I should give her some tough love but I want
her to be hopeful like I am that he will realize how much he loves her.

Oh God, I sound so cheesy...damnit I am not good at being synical with
other people's relationships, only my own.

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