Friday, August 21, 2009

The Call Back

I am so happy it's Friday! Work kicked my ass this week and we
weren't even busy! But it has been productive nonetheless. Like
Monday, or maybe it was Tuesday, an attractive young man asked me what
my name is, I know it's not THAT significant but ya know I take what I
get. Then later on on Wednesday I decided that I really needed to
embarass myself in front of yet another Bengal's player. Granted I
didn't know he was a player at first but he definately heard me tell
Melissa how cute I thought he was...then we found out he is a rookie
on the team. Then Thursday I finally saw the boxer again, not out of
course but at work because that is as social as my life gets! Ha! But
I haven't seen him for a hot minute (new phrase) and I was instantly
reminded as to how much I like lookig at him and talking to him and
how much I want to hang out with him. (side not on previous blog
about the text he sent me that I didn't think was for was,
I'm just an idiot). So we make plans for Sunday night blah blah
blah. Yesterday was like the most irritating day I've had in awhile.
So today the man came in....I will not say his name now but if you
talk to me regularly you know who I'm talking about. But yes...I
wrote my number on his sandwich...I know...I'm a nerd. If I hadn't
done it today I would have never done it and I would have regretted t
forever. So I did it. I told a friend and they said I must be so
excited with anticipation to a call. But in all honesty, this is the
biggest shot in the dark I've ever tried. And everytime I've given
out my number without it being asked for I don't get a call so I am
not holding my breath...NO OPTIMISM! Only reality. would
be pretty freaking awesome if he did call.....


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