Monday, August 10, 2009

Burn dude!

I haven't talked to the boxer since Saturday, which is
cool..whatever. This morning I heard my phone go off but it was a bit
before I checked it and it was the boxer saying " hey sweetie (has
never used that kind of term), yada yada yada, what are you doing
tonight?". I respond that i didn't know and asked how he was...blah
blah blah...end of coversation. So later on I asked him what he was
doing tonight and nothing! I'm starting to think that maaaaybe that
text was not meant for me! Ouch! I kinda want to call him out on it
but at the same time is it worth it?

So now I'm feeling all rejected and watching Parker play with our
neighbor. Whenever this shit happens I always come back to the same any of it worth it? I mean not the totally depressed
"whoa is me" kinda worth it but really is there anything more
important than Parker? And after every crush has rejected me or I
have a bad date it always comes back to that same question.

I am Jack's broken heart

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