Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Secret Life of Bed Bugs

A couple weeks ago i was bitching to my friend Nikki about all the mosquito bites i had on my ankle and how they would keep me up at night because they itched so bad. normally bug bites bother me because i have extremely sensitive skin but this was ungodly. So that Monday morning i wake up and get dressed, do my normal morning routine. Parker had moved to my bed that night so i was waking him up in my room when i saw a fucking bug just walking long right next to him without a care in the world. PANIC! i started yelling at Parker to get out of the bed and i started tearing my sheets off and taking them down to the washing machine. it was a truth realized because i had thought in the back of my head that maybe it could be bedbugs, but i would have seen them when i just changed my sheets like the week before...right?! was so gross and all day i was so bothered by myself and what having bedbugs said about me. i called my landlord, who was rather defensive about the situation, but we set up a time for that week for the people to spray. the whole time my landlord was asking if i have had a lot of people come over or if i had traveled, where i got the bed, how long i had had it....etc. not only was i mad and feeling guilty but then i started thinking about this a little further....who had slept at my house? as the week went on i found out from the exterminator that they were ONLY in my bed, not Parker's, not the couch, not my neighbors, not the walls...just my bed.

then i felt really dirty, but in a different way. not because i'm not clean, because i am, but more dirty in the how'd they get there sense. i started thinking about the people who have slept in my bed over the past 6 months. don't get me wrong, it isn't a long list but it is more than one. you know how if a person discovers that they have an std, the health department highly recommends that you contact all of the people you have slept with in the past X amount of time to make sure they get tested and to find the beginning...well that is the conflict that entered my brain. do i call these people (some of which i don't talk to ever) and let them know "hey you slept in a dirty bed you might have bugs!" or do i let it go? definitely calling them would mean that i might find the perpetrator but at the same time there would be that pause in silence where judgement and disgust are being placed upon me, again much like an std, and beyond that there is the fear of them telling others of my "problem." (granted this is all a little dramatic because bedbugs are not life threatening nor do the cause sickness, but there is the connotation of someone with a dirty bed.) sitting and really thinking about who has slept there with me does make you narrow it down to the most likely suspects and i have actually figured out the number one place they probably came from and i really don't want to talk to him. so i have decided to go against the health departments recommendation of telling those you could have spread it to, and letting it go. whether this is right or not, it is the decision i have made for body told me i had to tell anyone and i am exercising my right not to.....well that's not true, i did tell one person who could be affected by this. karma may come and bite me in the ass for not letting other's know but it cant be more annoying that bug bites!!! haha! i mean it isn't a picnic, i haven't slept in a bed in about two week, air mattress and living room floor, and my mom told me not to even ask if i could stay at her house....

i ordered a new bed yesterday and i have learn a few things from this situation....
1) buy some of the allergen blocking bags for mattresses
2) be more thorough in checking hotels bed
3) if a boyfriend's friend has them, and the boyfriend sleeps at your house a lot, check and double check

and one that i should have learned but only time will tell
4) be selective as to who gets to sleep over


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