Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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If there is anyone who has a little boy about the age of four who
doesn't have rediculous fits and doesn't tell his mommy that they hate
her and doesn't yell at people and then wonders why he has to go to
bed wihout playing...please I would love to trade! I have a new
mantra that I catch my self repeating everyday...it is just his age,
it is just his age,it is just his age. Sometimes I throw in the "i
love my child, I love my child, I love my child," but that one doesn't
always work.

Two screaming fits two night in a row. Last night he wanted to know
when we were moving back to Dayton because he misses his grandma and
grandpa (which is sweet and all). I gave him a harsh dose of reality
on that one. I have discovered in some instances the blunt and harsh
truth is just fine for a four year old. I mean, really, who needs an
optomistic four year old... right? I'm just kidding...mostly.

Besides my walking tempertantrum the past few days have been much less
eventful than I had hoped. I had my not-a-date with the boxer. The
movie was fabulous, we saw Inglurious Basterds, love love love
Tarantino. The boxer enjoyed the movie as well then we hung out at
his apartment for a while before I went home. I didn't really think
anything of it until I saw him today. My heart started pounding and I
got a little nervous/excited because I wasn't expecting to see him.
But we will end there...must keep my footing.

I signed Parker up for soccer. I think I might be more excited than
him. Welcome to the obnoxious sports mom chapter of my life. I have
been waiting for this since he was born. Saturday morning
games...standing on the sidelines with my coffee pretending to know
anything about sports while I chat it up with the other parents....I
can't wait till his first game!!!!! There will be video...eventually.

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