Monday, September 7, 2009

Ah my boy

This weekend we had our first glimpse into soccar season. Saturday
morning Parker went to a soccar clinic where we met his team, coach
and got his soccar shirt. We had bought his shin guards and special
soccar shorts the night before so he was set. Talk about excitement!
Oh boy! When we got to the field he found out that he was on the blue
team!!! Holy cow!! The day was getting better and better instantly!
We went over to where the blue team was milling around when Parker ran
right over to a ball and started kicking it around. The coach seemed
impressed with some of the kid's kicking ability (mine included in
that category). While I was talking to the coach I noticed that
instead of kicking the ball to his teammates he was kicking it to them
and running up and kicking it away from them. I couldn't help but
laugh, team work is still a concept that he struggles with but it made
me think of it with more of a positive spin, he's not a ball hog, he
has a natural drive to try to be the best. That sounds much better.
When it was time for the drills and learning though he did very well.
He volunteered to go first a couple of times and offered his defintion
when the coach asked any of the kids if they knew what dribbling was,
(very loudly) "I know! That is where you have to bounce the ball a
lot with your hand!". Wrong sport kiddo! But nice try! Again I
couldn't help but laugh. He, later that day, showed me how to do all
the soccar tricks that he had learned that morning.

It was a fun morning, I definately am going to love whatever sports or
activities he wants to do as he grows. It is different to watch him
participate in something that you are not directly involved with, I
guess that it was a glimpse as too how he probably acts at school
too. Sometimes I wish I could watch him at school to see who he is
when I'm not around. I know I will never be really able to but
observing him at soccar made me see that he tries to impress and is
outgoing. I suggested that he cheer on his teammate and give the high
fives which he began pick up on his own.

I was, not surprising, one of the only moms that stayed around the
team as they moved from station to station. Out of all the kids on
his team, I was the only mom. I looked around to see what other
parents were doing and every team was about the same, dads with the
teams, moms along to fence with their other children. Although I
understand that someone has to stay to the side with the other kids,
did it bother the moms? Did some of them play soccar when they were
younger and wanted to be close to their child as they met their team
and learned the drills? Why didn't the parents switch off so that
both could be involved? I wouldn't be able to do it, it's way more
fun when you can hear and see everything.....oh no....I sound like a
future coach.

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