Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eff You 2009

Life is crazy. A couple months ago it was awesome, smooth, fun. Now
it is like a vortex sucking out all of my energy to be awesome, smooth
and fun. I feel stuck, restrained, able to see the furture but unable
to read the map leading the way. I know that this is just part of the
cycle of life, everyone has ups and downs, and normally in my life the
bad things happen in bundles, but this round is really hitting me hard
and fast! And in all honesty, 2009 has pretty much blown! Eff you

(sidenote to those I could potentially offend, there are many good
things that have happened as well. Nikki, Zack and Quinn are three.
Ryan and Colin's expected bebe. Aurora and Matt's expected baby.
Surviving a drive across the country in a two door Civic with Mandy
and two cats. My mom finding a salary job again. Pat being cancer
free. Jen and Eric buying a new house. Miss Macy Leopold's birth,
seriously a miracle. And a bunch of other good stuff that this cloud
is preventing me to see.)

But I'm sticking to my guns! Eff you 2009!

*I think that was an entire psychology session in two paragraphs! Or
I'm crazy...*

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  1. I somehow managed to delete you from my google reader, whoops! But you are found again xoxo

    PS: We loooooooove you xoxo