Saturday, September 19, 2009

Longest Week Ever

It seems like this week would not end. I can't even remember Monday
because it was so long ago! I am pretty sure it is the same Monday
that Issac gave me his two weeks but I can't be sure...let me check a
calender....yup, it was. Huh, the really feels like it was longer
ago...anyway. Definately one of those weeks that was non stop.
Thursday was the worse day for sure though. I knew I was going to be
working in Oxford and had it all planned out until some lady ordered
120 box lunches for thursday at my store. I know it sounds like I am
complaining about business but trust me! I'm not! It's awesome-I love
huge orders, it just put a kink in my original plan. Someone had to
then go in at 4:30am to start bread (that someone is me). Which is
cool, like whatever, but I was also closing that night at my store.
So 5 hours or less of sleep, I was downtown baking bread until 6:30.
Then it was off to Oxford to assist in making 900+ sandwiches (aka 3
hours of pulling meat, which should sound like fun ;) but it wasn't
the fun kinda pulling). Then back to Cincinnati to close my store.
VERY EXHAUSTED! I really don't remember anything after about 5pm that

Next I'm sleeping and my phone rings, it's Val (GM of Clifton).
"Allyson, someone just called me from your store. Is anyone there?".
Immediate confusion. About 3 minutes later I realize that it is
almost 5 am Friday morning. "what!?ummm no, now I am creeped out and
I don't want to go to work!". Val, "call the cops to meet you there."

Call district 1...I have an odd request...give the lady my information
and her response, "Jimmy John's? It looks like there has been an
incident. Let me connect you to dispatch.". WHAT!!! SHIT!!! In my
drunken sleepy state did I forget to lock the back door?!?!! No I
didn't forget, but the register drawers were shut and someone thought
there would be money in them. They shoved a crowbar through the front
door, opened it, and pried open my drawers. No money. Disappointment
would tell you to take something else like chips or cookies or a, not these guys. They weren't hungry for a snack. Nothing
else had been touched.

We were on the news because if it which is like the 5th time we've
been on the news this summer. Not complaining about that, it
definately got people in the store!

Went to Val's going away party last night. I can't believe she won't
be here in a week. I don't know if I'll be good at my job without her

Parker played soccer today. We had to be there early because it was
picture day. During the game he scored 4 goals but only 2 counted for
his team....if ya catch my drift. Once he was told which direction to
go though he scored! Chased a kid from their goal down the field,
stole the ball, turned it around and ran it back down the correct
direction to their goal, kicked and scored. Definately the fastest
kid on the team. He doesn't have the best skill but today it clicked
for him. After the first quarter he didn't care to play any longer.

So now it is Saturday night after an early morning, an afternoon of
Rock Band, and an evening at the park. Parker and I are finishing our
poor family dinner of black beans with brown rice and corn muffins. I
think I will veg out and go to sleep early.....I hope no one funny is
on SNL, otherwise I'll be up until 1am.....

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