Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday night blues

What a wonderful weekend! I didn't do too much this weekend, it feels
like I should have done more, but when I think about it, a lot was

Thursday night was really the beginning of my weekend because I didnt
work on Friday. I had planned on meeting up with the boxer for a few
drinks but that fell through and I am kinda glad that it did.

Friday was the opening of Lauren's first solo art show. She was
unvieling the work she did while she was in Alaska all summer. Before
I could drive to Detriot, I had to get a new tire. That is how Friday
was started, and finding out that Collins was visiting my store
(totally different story that luckily had a happy ending). But
anyway, then we came home and got packed for our day adventure to
Michigan. Nikki and Quinn came with us, and the kids did
wonderfully! We are happy because it will make our family vacation to
the beach in the spring much easier. Driving across Ohio is boring.
Especially along 75. I always have known this but I conviently
forgot. Holy cow I am happy that Nikki was there!

The art show was amazing,, if you want see her stuff.
Her art belongs some where besides the Midwest. Maybe Chicago but
more like San Francisco or LA...not here. So many people came to see
you new stuff it was really neat to see the support she gets first
hand. I am really proud of her.

The drive home was hysterical. Nikki and I were definately sleepy
drunk and we must have laugh for 4 hours straight. When we were
finally back in Cincinnati in our neighborhood, Parker woke up because
of our laughter and he said, "you guys are loud," then he pointed his
finger in the air and shouted "SILENCE!!!". Nikki and I looked at each
other and lost it! It was one of the funniest things I have ever
witnessed Parker do.

Saturday was Parker's first soccer game. I was hurting, falling
asleep at 2:30 and waking up at 7:30 isn't fun. After half of my 24oz
coffee, I was able to start cheering on the Cincinnati Blue Crew.
Parker was a starting forward which really means nothing after the y
blow the whistle. They played the yellow team (who I think are called
the Giraffes, not sure though) who had this kid that will probably be
a soccer player forever. He was great, control over the ball and
charged down the field, besides when he scored against his own team.
But that's okay, I'm pretty sure Parker scored against the Blue
Crew :-/ But this other kid kept falling down and would just lay
there. The first two times the coaches came over to make sure that he
was okay, which he was, but about the third time they just waited for
him to get up. I would much rather have the ball hog kid than the
dramatic kid. I am beginning to realize that it was everytime he was
touched, on the ground he went like a possum.
Parker did well though, he had contact with the ball acouple times.
The first time was after he just stood by the goal post for a solid 30
seconds. Just standing there wih his hands behind his back looking
around. Then the ball came over to him and he kicked it; I was so
excited that I cheered "yea Parker! Go get it!" (or something like
that, I don't really remember I was hungover from lack of sleep), but
he then stopped and ran over to me. He was smiling and I told him it
was a great kick but to get back out there. He said, (all smiles),
"Mommy did you see those three airplanes that flew over us?". I guess
while he was looking around the airplanes caught his eye.
He did great but definately needs to work on not touching the other
players. During the second half a yellow player bumped his head
against Parker's and Parker got upset and ran over to me crying.
"mommy the yellow team isn't sharing!".

The rest of this weekend I have been cleaning and playing. We watched
the Bengal's almost win (I left and quit watching after they scored
because I had to go downtown and there was only 20 seconds left but
then Denver scored). We went to the library to get books and we got
Spider-man. Very uneventful but one of the best weekends ever.
Tonight we fried all kinds of food upstairs with Nikki, Zach and
Quinn. It was delicious! And now it is Sunday night, time for bed
and begin the next work week. Boo :(

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