Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fight or flight

So there has been a fellow that I have had the pleasure of
communicating with over the monthish. We have spent just a small
amount of time together but it was wonderful. My heart has fluttered
since we started speaking. There is something about him. My sister's
believe the "something" that I am attracted to is his locational
unavailability because it would then be easier for my emotional
unavailability. Of course I disagree. The location of his housing
and the fact that he travels seems to be more like a plus because of
my lack of free time anytime but the weekend. But there has been a
recent conversation that has left me confused. While it wasn't
negative in the "I don't like you" sense, it was still not blindly
reassuring. I have never been fought for, I have tried to fight for
others before and wound up unsuccessful. Now he has basically laid
his shit out on the table. I know that the question will be "do I
fight for a person I don't know and I don't know that I will win or do
I cash in my chips while I'm ahead and no "real" feelings have
developed?" And if I do fight will it be for me or him?

Obviously I cannot make this decision now. Like I said, I barely know
him. Intuition is off kilter on this fellow.

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