Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why is it when a good thing happens there is a slew of bad right after? I had an amazing weekend with the fellow. We did mundane tasks like reorganizing some of his work files and running some errands and watching Mythbusters, but it was wonderful and comfortable and just nice. Had dinner and then Sunday we went and watched people fly remote control airplanes and hellicoptors. Again, things that don't sound exciting to everyone, but it was really great. The rest of the week has not been so great. I waited in line in the rain for 10 hours to try to secure a spot for Parker at Fairview, and I got 18th on the waiting list. The solution? Move to the burbs for a good education or go Montissouri for a year and try again for Fairview next year. I am trying this opitimism thing that people talk about so the positive spin to not getting in is that something better is on the like that? It is difficult to spit that out. And today! I was an hour late for work! I woke up at 7am!!!!! All because I didn't remember to reset my alarm on my phone from sleeping in yesterday morning......grrrrrrrr....

But it's okay, tomorrow is friday! I get to see my sisters! And I get to see Phish two nights in a row!!!!!

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