Monday, November 30, 2009

I have created a monster!

This is Parker and Elysia, his one true love.  This is Parker's new hair.  This is the story of Parker's new hair.

Last week Parker was complaining about his hair in his eyes.  I asked him if he would want me to trim it again so he could see better and his response was, "No Mommy, I don't want you to cut my hair.". So we decided that we would pay for a hair cut.  Fast forward to Saturday.  After basketball we went to Great Clips.  I asked if he wanted a mohawk and he excitedly shook his head yes.  He was wonderful during the process.  Made fish faces in the mirror and didn't budge.  I didn't do as well, had a minor panic when she took the clippers with the 1 inch guard to his beautiful blonde locks.  About 5 inches and 10 minutes later, he was done.  The lady asked if I wanted her to style it and of course I said yes.  I have a hard enough time styling my hair!  So instructions were good.  Well, he loves it and looks handsome, but the best part is that I had to buy styling product for my 4 year old's new hair do!

Later that day, "Mommy, did my hair fall down?  I think my hair fell down.". No it's fine.

"Mommy, can we put more of that stuff in my hair so it won't fall down?"  Sure Parker.

"Mommy, did you bring my hair stuff with us?" No Parker, we don't need it right now.  "But Mommy, what if my hair falls down while we are in the car?". It won't sweetie.  "Well you should have brought it in case is falls down when we are at Aunt Jen's, but you forgot!".

Ugh....explaining to him that he wouldn't wear it up everyday was about a half hour discussion.

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