Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Story of the Tooth

The events of the missing tooth happened as followed:

So a couple weeks ago we noticed that Parker's bottom middle teeth were loose. This has been the main topic of conversation for the last two weeks. It has intensified lately with the concern of bleeding when they fall out. I reassured him that they would not fall out before they were ready to and that would make them not bleed much at all. We have ever commissioned my mom to make a Tooth Fairy pillow for when the first tooth falls out, which on Sunday I predicted would be at least two more weeks. Fast forward to Monday night. Parker was being quite ornery at bedtime which resulted in no extra play time and no bedtime story (behavior was bad!) While I trying to put his jammy shirt on, he was biting it. I pulled it out of his mouth and of course he put it back in. I gave the shirt a tug and out popped his tooth. Now this tooth was loose, but not nearly ready to come out so I am sure that it hurt and OF COURSE it bled. Not tons of blood but enough to make Mommy a big time liar! After the bleeding and trauma was over came the excitement of the visit from the Tooth Fairy. Last night we weren't sure that she would come because of the behavior but she did. This morning Parker went over to where we had left his tooth and exclaimed, "A Penny!" (really a dollar coin). He shook the container and looked at me in astonishment, the tooth was gone! It really was the TOoth Fairy! (chuckled) "I really did know that the Tooth Fairy came here last night because when I was sleeping I thought I saw a blue shadow and a blue dress." Reenactment follow: snoring noises and commentary, "What! A blue shadow! What! A blue dress!" "And I just knew it was the Tooth Fairy."

The excitement is overwhelming, he has entered the next step of childhood but it is bittersweet.

Later this morning he asked if he could trade the "penny" for a real dollar.

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