Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday finally!

Thank goodness it is the end of the week!  My store has been closing earlier than normal, which means less hours of me being there but I swear this has been the LONGEST week EVER!  It is so hard to not have any of my normal product there and having to rely so heavily on someone else to provide things for you...and everyone knows how much I hate to rely on others for taking care of things I am fully capable of doing!  I can breathe easy now though, sitting at home, watching Parker play with cars, chillin' in the AC.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the looooong awaited T-ball season at the Y.  You can imagine the anticipation has been building ever since he started soccer last fall.  All the sports have lead him up to this moment.  The moment when he will get to put his Diego glove to use besides playing catch with me.  Which we have been doing every weekend....he can almost catch...some of the time.  Whenever he misses it but it was close, he'll exclaim "At least I moved my feet like this!"  and demonstrate the entire sequence of actions.  I think he would reenact anything anyone asked him to, he is such a clown.

My sister asks questions at the end of every blog entry and now I plan to answer them on mine whenever I remember to look at hers and remember what she's question was: What do you ride?  And what's your riding outfit?  But since I can't answer it because I drive and not ride, I will ask my own...

Why are YOU happy it's Friday?  (and just because it's Friday can't be the answer...that's no fun)

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