Thursday, June 10, 2010

Missing Wednesday?

Yesterday I received a text from my little sister with the link to her newer blog.  She  said that I would like it and I think, primarily, she thought that I would be jealous of her fabulous fashion sense and happy about her small tribute to our Grandma.  It's interesting because I was also remembering our Grandma Peg yesterday, although not in the same way as Lauren.

May 30th marked the 5 year anniversary of her death as well as what should have been her 65th wedding anniversary.  A friend of mine married that day this year.  I told him how special the date is to me and how wonderful of a couple my grandparents were when I told him congratulations.  He and his new wife smiled and politely said "Thank you," but I could see that they thought it was a little odd that I was bringing up such a sad date.  I don't think my words conveyed properly the relationship I witnessed of my grandparents.  Like all couples, I know they had they fights, disagreements, times of stress and doubt, but as a child, I never saw that.  They, as I will always believe and remember, were each other's true love.  They met briefly as children, as told by their parents, and then again as adults.  My Grandma lived in Chicago and my Grandpa lived in Trenton, Ohio.  She moved from the big city to a small rural town after they were married and within her first years there, she easily knew everyone.  She told me once that if she had to live in that "God forsaken town" (which she always said with a smile and giggle) that she would make the best of it by knowing everyone. 

I remember seeing them be affectionate with each other only a hand full of times, but their energy was only love.  It crushed my Grandma when my Grandpa died in 1993.  She had lost her soul mate, partner, and husband.  She never was the same.  When I was pregnant and told her I was planning naming my son Raymond, she teared up. 

This is more what I wanted to say to my friend, but my words were not clear.  They were married on a day, although very sad because of the loss of her, that is full of positive and loving energy.

Lauren was missing more than just our Grandma and she asked as interesting question : What do you miss on those long rainy, middle of the week days?

I miss missed opportunities.  Those who know me well, know that I have been reserved the past months.  I have not done anything bold or put my self "out there" by any means.  Considering all the things that are up in the air right now concerning my store (aka the one thing I am really good at controlling), I have decided that I am not going to miss as many opportunities anymore.  I took a step today, a small one, but I feel my boldness coming back already.


  1. It was not to make you jealous, it was for my new weekly thing... what do you miss a person, place and thing... Thanks for participating... Love you. You made me tear up just now.

  2. I was just teasing about the jealousy thing...i didn't mean to make you tear up... <3