Friday, July 23, 2010

The Naughty Step

I was tagged on a blog about the Naughty Step....I am not quit sure what to write but Melaina25 post helped me...slightly.  This is for a larger population, not one person, and this has irritated me for quite some time.  Yes, I judge people's ability to follow directions off of this and I am sorry if I am calling anyone close to me out on this.....

When you purchase a car seat that is also a carrier for a baby it specifically says to put the carrying bar down  while it is used as a car seat.  Why?  The car seats are designed to keep the baby safe in an accident, if the bar is up and there is an accident there is the possibility that, based on force, the baby could smack it's head on that bar which would cause considerably more harm.  Now, I know that there are the dangley toys they sell to hang on the handle to the carrier/car seat to entertain the baby, but come on folks, put the effing handle down while you driving!  It is the most irritating thing for me to see at a red light when I look at the car next to is small? Yes.  Do a lot of people do it?  Yes.  Will I judge your ability to understand the English language and your ability to follow the words on the page?  Absolutely.  Are people getting hurt from it?  Probably not that many.  But really, just follow the directions!  They are there for a reason and obviously there have been enough problems with it that they included it!

So that is my rant.


  1. I didn't read that and if NotBlondeHusband did, well he didn't pass it on to me! We often have the bar up to attach the sunshade and while I have been putting it down so I can see him in the mirror, I will make sure to do it all the time now!

  2. Maybe the rules are different in the UK? Now I feel like a jackass :-/ sorry! I know you are able to understand English!