Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thanks and Praises

I would like to call her "my friend from high school," but truth be told....we weren't really friends.  I went to her house once towards the end of middle school or maybe the beginning of high school....I can't remember now.  About 3 years ago I ran into her at Meijer when I was living with my mom in Dayton.  I had Parker and she had her son....they are about 2 months a part.  It was crazy!  I had no idea that she had a baby boy the same age as mine.  We chatted a little, and we were in similar situations.....the relationship with our "baby's daddies" had both ended and we were trying to pick up from there.  She was the first person from my high school that I knew of in a similar situation.  It was nice to see her.  I always wanted to get "back in touch" but the "usual excuses" kept me from acting.  Fast forward 3 years to this summer.  I was at Meijer shopping with Parker and my mom when my "friend" from high school and I bumped into each other again!  Weird...I know.  She was with her almost 5 year old son and I was with my recently turned 5 year old son.  Again, it was great to see her.  We didn't chat as much this time (because of facebook, we kinda had an idea about each other's lives).  Her son is handsome and smart....he gave us a very detailed breakdown as to how far away his birthday was.  But the whole point is this...she left me a nice comment about how she reads my bog and can relate to me and my life.  I love getting comments and feed back about what I write.  The reason that I do this is because I hope that someone somewhere can relate to what I am saying so that they know they are not alone.  I have felt alone in my thoughts and challenges is good when you know that you aren't the only one out "there" who has these challenges and thoughts....but her comment to me is one of the best I have gotten.  I didn't realize that it would mean so much more to me when it was from someone I know.  Thank you.  And thank you to everyone who reads this, whether you relate or not, whether you leave feedback or not.....thank you.

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