Friday, September 10, 2010

September of disappointments

So there were two things that I was truly looking forward to this month and even though it is still the beginning of September, neither are looking like they will be successful. 

The first was setting a date to move from the apartment to a whole house.  Since my last counter offer, I have heard nothing.  My dual agent realtor has been on vacation but someone else from her office was supposed to be taking over while she was gone.  So based on that fact, homeownership is not looking like a possibility in the next 3 weeks.....I was so excited to give my 30 day notice to my landlord too....dang!

The second was taking a class this fall at UC.  I enrolled as a non-matriculated student mid summer to get a head start on building History credits since I am leaning towards History for my Master's, but unbeknownst to me when I did that, non program oriented students do not receive any kind of financial aid.....I feel like a dumbass for not knowing that one!  And I can't afford to go to school without financial aid, so I guess I have to stop procrastinating and just take that damn GRE already......(remember when I said I was going to take it in March?!?!?  HAHA!).   I hate hate hate hate standardized tests!  They do not predict what they are supposed to predict and they aren't standard!  I mean, really, who is the standard person that they are testing and then testing everyone else against?  I guarentee there are more "unstandard" people taking those tests than there are "standard."  It's kinda like the whole "reasonable person" shit that is written in to laws....who is that person again?

Anyway, I guess I just having to keep working towards both things and eventually I'll get there.  When I graduated from UC in 2007 and started working in the position I am in now, I gave my self until Parker was in Kindergarten to get another job or to start grad school.....we all know that Kindergarten has started, and while I am very satisfied with my job, grad school is haunting me and becoming an obsessive goal that I have to obtain or I will go insane.....maybe that is a little drastic, but you know what I'm saying....right?

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