Monday, October 4, 2010


Last week Parker brought home a sealed envelop with "To the Parents of Parker Green" written on it.  This was the same week that his listening ability was an all time low, so naturally I was slightly nervous.  It was a form from the school with the results of their vision screening recommending that I take Parker to the eye doctor for a full exam.  I knew that I would have to take him this year after I learned that astigmatisms (my biggest eye issues) are hereditary and can be seen at birth.  So I made the appointment for Saturday.

With the proper amount of prep, he went for the visit.  We get in there and he sits tall and proud in the exam chair, fully ready to go.  The doctor pulls up the chart and asks Parker to cover one eye.  The giant letters are on the wall and some how Parker has confused the letter S and A.  We try the next line.  There he is confusing letters with each other again.  Row after row after row.....wrong letter after wrong letter after wrong letter.  The doctor stops, turns to me and asks "Is he good with his letters?"  I was conflicted between the thought that he was lying to get glasses or that he is as blind as my sisters are......but really if he was that blind, wouldn't someone have noticed by now?  The doctor continues the exam and puts the big metal, lens changing apparatus up to his face.  Still......incorrect letters.  In fact, he got more wrong this time.  The doctor hops up and moves the apparatus away from his face and declares that she is going to try something else.....she leaves the room and enters with a pair of non prescription glasses from the rack, she winks at me while she hands them to Parker.  Excitedly, he puts them on and reads row for row from the giant E all the way down to a smaller type than I can read without my corrective child just wants to wear glasses.  After a while longer, the doctor explains to him why he doesn't need glasses just yet, he still claims that he is blind. 

Liam got glasses last spring and now Parker believes it is his turn.  Five years old and my son wants strange!  I remember distinctly NOT wanting glasses when I had to get them at the age of six.....I hated them and would tell my teacher that I didn't really need to wear them, that it was optional for me.  I lied to the teacher to get out of wearing them and my son lies to the teachers to start wearing them.....what a crazy boy!  Luckily, he has amazing vision....and I hope/want it to stay that way, if only he knew how amazing it is that he wakes up in the morning and can see.

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