Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh Tooth Fairy!

Parker lost his third tooth last night.  One of the upper big ole front ones....he is going to have quite the experience the first time he bites into something today!  So it was really really wiggly last night and when I felt it, it bled a little bit.  We headed to the bathroom.  I told him to hold on to it real tight with some toilet paper to make it stop bleeding....he did and then I was like "BOO!"  He was totally supposed to pull it out on his own....that didn't work.  He was so cute during the whole thing, he wanted to be really brave but he was so apprehensive about the idea of pulling it.  He was laughing but in a very uncomfortable not cute, but it was totally cute.  Anyway, the tooth didn't come out.  The old scare the kid and they pull their own tooth didn't work and it was bleeding worse.  I felt really bad then, so I am holding onto it to make it stop bleeding when I realized that I have never held onto another person's tooth and pulled it out.  I was immediately grossed out and couldn't do it.  I told Parker to hold onto it so I could go get him a cup of water to rinse his mouth.  He did.  A few seconds went by and he pulled the toilet paper away and there was no tooth!  I gasped and he was like "What Mommy!?!?"  Your tooth is gone!  "What!"  I showed him in the toilet paper and he ran to the mirror and started making ridiculous faces in the mirror at himself.  What a ham!  Then I decided it would be good to rinse the blood off the tooth before displaying it for the tooth I turned on the water, I thought, "This is a really bad idea because you are going to drop it"  Yup.  I dropped it down the sink.  So Parker laid down in bed and Allyson played plumber.  I got it though! (and the sink isn't leaking!)   And I checked on it this morning, the Tooth Fairy totally came (I knew she was real!)


  1. Imagining this all play out in my head has cracked me up!

  2. Yes, she is real. Catch the Tooth Fairy in the act! You'll love this cute "FREE" Tooth Fairy keepsake: