Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Parent-Teacher Conference

Make way for Proud Mama!  Today was my second Parent-Teacher conference for Parker.  I wasn't as nervous this time as I was last.  Parker's behavior has been eons better than it was in the fall.  Our new morning arrangements have been tiresome but beneficial.  This is really funny, I was a little nervous about talking to his teacher because this morning Parker told me that his red workbook was supposed to be turned in before spring break (which is next week).  Well....little story about the red notebook.....he is no where close to having it finished.  We used to work on it in the fall but it was a little further ahead than what he was learning at school and it would always end in frustration and tears.  Then I lost it.....(i know....bad mommy).  I found it last week and he has been working on it in the mornings while he is at work with me.  It has been a breeze for him now.  So when he told me about completing the workbook by tomorrow I told him that the last 45 pages would be easy but we would just have to crunch down and do them when we get home.....the underlying lesson from to be a Grade A procrastinator!!!  Another reason I will be receiving Mom of the Year this year.  But anyway, while I was driving to the school I was trying to think of reasons why he didn't have it completed to tell the teacher.  When I got there, Parker was across the hall with the after school program and he invited himself to the conference as well.  I asked about the workbook and the teacher looked at me and kind of shook her head no as I went into the story that Parker had fabricated about being the only student who hadn't turned it in.....she laughed.  It is never due, just a way to get kids used to the idea of homework and to get parents into the habit of helping.  Completely embarrassed but totally relieved.

I am so happy with his progression at that school.  I was so nervous about sending him to a Montessori school, but close to the end of Kindergarten, he has been doing 1st grade work.  His teacher said that when he turns in his writing assignments, it is complete and beautiful...he takes his time and his pride in his work shows on the paper.  Their writing samples that the school used for the state testing a couple weeks ago were hanging up near where we sitting.  His had a picture of Batman and a sentence that he wrote on his own telling why he brought Batman for show and tell.  He also wrote a letter to me on his own with limited spelling help.

I can't even explain how amazed I am at how smart he is and how he has developed.  In the letter that he wrote, that is a picture of the two of us together in Jimmy John's clothes.  What a ham!  My 5 year old who looks like he is 7 is doing the same work as other 7 years old in 1st grade classes.  It is astonishing.  He is smart, kind, a good friend and role model.  
So yea, like I said....make way for Proud Mama!

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