Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 20-Nicknames

On the volleyball team while I was in high school I was some how nicknamed Smiley.  I don't remember how but it was the year that we made tie-died t-shirts for our jerseys.  We all got to have our name printed on the back of the shirt and since I was a captain that season, the team decided the captains should have nicknames instead of last names....some how they came up with Smiley.  I haven't ever had a nickname that I was always referred to.  When I was younger and hanging out with Jen's friends alot, they called me Little Moyer and a friend of mine from college would yell out "MOYER" whenever she lost me at the bar....but I don't know that those are really considered nicknames.  The other common thing that I have been heard, but mostly by strangers, is "Oh hey, you're the Jimmy John's girl!"

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