Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 19-Something you miss

I am really sentimental so I pretty much miss everything that has ever made me happy all the time!  I mean seriously.  I would go back to a happy moment at the drop of the hat if I could.  I miss a lot of people more than any "thing" or place from my life.  I miss all my friends that have moved away from me or that I have moved away from....I miss those that I have lost in my life.  No matter how old you are when they are gone, or how old they are when they is never enough time or the time that you spent wasn't the right time.  Like, if my great grandma, grandma or grandpa were still alive now or if I would have known them from ages 10-20 or 15-25, I would have learned so much more and asked so much more about their lives and their experiences.  I miss loving blindly.  I know I did at one point in time because I see it in Parker but I can't anymore.  I miss the small family of three that I once had....although it was brief, I miss having a family of my own. 

(I don't like today's is making me sad.)

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