Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 24-Something you've learned

Oh man....something I have learned......I have learned a lot and I learn new things everyday.  Recently I have learned that arguing with a 5 year old leads to nothing...there is no point in doing it.

I have learned that trying to have power over people because you are in a higher position will work against you more than for have to have authority (same with parenting).

I have learned that you have to give respect to everyone you meet before you take it away.  Kinda like the idea that you start with 100% and get percentages subtracted off that first total.  And if you don't give it first, there is no way you are ever going to receive it.

I have learned that to really understand another person and their story you have to remove you from your own position before you can say that you empathize with that other person.  Self removal is hard and it takes practice.  You have to be willing to let go of all of your own views, history and thoughts on how you would handle whatever situation...literally let it all go and then place yourself where the other person is standing.  I think that being able or willing to try to do this is having a true open mind.

I have learned that you can not change a person.  Not even when you see all the good that is in their core.  Not even when you push for them to see it too.  They are the only ones who can change themselves and usually you showing them the other side of the fence creates more resistance.

I have learned that dealing with the hard times in anger is much easier than dealing with them in an honest way.  Feeling your feelings is very hard and confusing.  But anger tends to make it go away only for a short time....eventually you have to face all the other crap that came along with the anger.

I have learned to keep hardass in my front pocket and vulnerable locked in a safe.

I have learned that you truly do need a village to raise a child.  I can not do it on my own....I need my family, my friends and espeically my amazing upstairs neighbors.

I have learned that I can love and allow another person to love me.

I have learned that I really like Legos.  They are fun to build and then end product is really awesome....I don't mind over paying for those toys.

I have learned that I can not pull teeth.  I did once accidentally and tried another time but made Parker do it.  Out of his 5 lost teeth, he has pulled three of them out himself.

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