Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 25-Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs

1. She-Over the Rhine

This is from Changes Come (live)My old GM at the JJ that I now run introduced me to Over the Rhine a long time ago.  I never appreciated their music as much until I saw them live at a free concert in Kettering.  Powerful.

2. Colonel Forbin's Accent-Phish

This song is from Colorado '88 which is one of their live albums.  It was released while they were broken up.  While this song is not one of my favorite's it is part of the Story of Gamehendge which was written by Trey Anastasio when he was a senior at the University of Vermont.  It is part of a story told by some narration and songs together.  The story is wonderful.  Gamehendge songs are rare to hear live, especially this one.

3. Broken Boy Soldier-The Raconteurs

It's funny, I didn't like Jack White the first time that I heard The White Stripes in college but I started liking them because a couple of my employees from my Dayton store liked them.  Then this came out album, Broken Boy Soldiers, came out and I liked his solo stuff too.

4. Could You Be Loved-Bob Marley

I love Bob.  All of his music makes me feel so good whenever I am down.  This is from Legend which I have discovered is in almost every person's CD collection.  It just makes me feel it.

5. El Torrente-Minus the Bear

I don't know very much about this band.  A friend of mine gave me a bunch of music a while back and Minus the Bear was one of the bands that he thought I would like.  He was right....I enjoy them a lot.  This song is from Menos el Oso.  It's really cool music and the band has a lot of different sounds...this song is definitely a more mellow one.

6. Faces-Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I kinda forgot I had Yeah Yeah Yeahs....this is from It's Blitz.  I bought this album because I liked Show Your Bones so much, but I didn't like this album nearly as much.  As a whole, this band keeps me moving....which is a great choice for work in the morning when I am the only one there and it is 6:30am.

7. Angel from Montegomery-Ben Harper

This is from the same friend that gave me Minus the Bear.  His favorite is Ben Harper.  I have to agree, Ben is the bestest.  No matter what song and what cd it is, you don't want to skip or stop....just listen and appreciate his music.  This song is from Pleasure and Pain.

8. Sans un Mot-Nuttea

I found this guy from a French radio station I used to listen to when it was on itunes radio.  He is a French rapper.  This is one of the slower songs on the album.  His rap is very different from ours here...there is a lot of African influence which makes it sound like it has some reggae influence.  I only have one of his albums, Urban Voodoo.

9. Homecoming-Robert Randolph and the Family Band

I have to laugh because the majority of this list isn't music that I bought but that people gave to me because they thought I would like it.  This was passed on from Corndog.  Among this one, Colorblind, he gave me some other ones.  It is bluesy and funky and right up my alley.  It reminds me a little of Ben Harper which is fine with me.

10. Fake Plastic Trees-Radiohead

This is from The Bends.  Anything Radiohead is amazing.


  1. I suggest the Susan Tedeschi version of "Angel from Montgomery" as well, it is great stuff.

  2. Listening to it now....your music suggestions are always right on.