Sunday, April 17, 2011


Children change us...that is something no one can argue.  Remember those commercials that were in black and white and it was always a parent and child doing something with a caption.  Okay, bad description, the one I can remember the best was a dad and his boys looking at a frog they had just caught and it said "boys night out" then at the end of the commercial it said "having a baby changes everything."  It was always slightly confusing as to what it was selling, but they were for Johnson and Johnson.  Anyway, it is true and you think that it is just when they are a baby that your life changes for the most damatic, which is true, but they continue to change you as they grow up.

Parker decided that this year for his birthday, it would be a Star Wars theme.  I know you are probably thinking that it is too early to be thinking about that, but I like to make the fancy cakes for him each year with the special pans, so this is typical.  (the whole baking the fancy cake thing is definitely something that he changed in me).  I am not sure where he gained as much Star Wars knowledge as he has but it isn't from all.  But now, we are getting ready for watch the first Star Wars ever created together.  I know it isn't the true beginning, but it was the beginning of most people's Star Wars experience.  I also found an R2-D2 discontinued cake pan on eBay....very expensive but now I have to have it.  His interest in Star Wars and the story and the characters has made me look up more about those stories than I ever had cared about knowing before he showed interest in it.  Now, with in two days, I care about it.  He continually changes my interests and what I care about learning so that I may know and understand what he is talking about.

Sometimes I wonder what kinds of things he would care about if he was a she.  If he was a she would I feel like my interests have changed as drastically as I do now?  Like I have said before, I know nothing of what it means to be a boy or anything that goes along with it, so maybe that is to account for the continual change that I feel, or maybe it would be the same if he was a she.......I guess I'll have to have a little girl and find out ....ha. ha...haha..... (uncomfortable sarcastic laughter inserted here) 

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