Sunday, May 15, 2011

Those Girls Upstairs

Today was the first time that I watched Quinn and Sadie for an entire afternoon.  Parker was at my dad's last night, so he was not with me during my afternoon with my favorite girls.  I was really intimidated by the idea of being with both the girls totally alone.  So intimidated I tried to bride mr to help me all afternoon.  When Parker was little, he was never content with a small amount of attention.  He never played alone until he about I thought that it would be like babysitting 2 Parker's at the ages of 3 and 9 months...I wouldn't have been able to handle that with as much ease.  These little girls are so special and happy that I didn't have to do much of anything.  When I came up, Quinn was watching a show about a mouse ballarina.  She was dancing along with the show.  She loved it.  Twirling and doing the hand motions, occasionally looking back at me for approval.  She was very proud of her self.  She was completely pleasant and helpful the whole time until we picked up Parker, then she seemed like she needed some time to herself.  Quinn is such a smart little girl and is at the perfect age where she verbalizes her wants and needs, but also everything else that she is how many cars there were on the highway or that we were almost home or that she was too tired to eat dinner.

I met Quinn when she was rather young, just turning 1, so we have been in her life for long enough that she has always known us.  Although she was young and I have seen so much of her grow and develop, it isn't the same as watching Sadie grow.  I have known Sadie from the very beginning.  Even for living right below them, I don't see them nearly as much as I feel like I should.  But seeing your best friend grow during pregnancy and then to meet the baby who had been in there, watching that baby develop from a new born to an infant to pulling up and wanting to walk is so amazing.  It is like she is mine but not because I don't see her every day, but it is the same feeling.  I guess that is probably what being an Aunt feels like.  She was asleep when I came up and after a bit, started crying when she woke up.  A lot of kids would be concerned when they wake up and their parent is not there, but as soon as I picked her up, the tears stopped and she smiled at me.  Sadie's smile is precious.  She looks like she is laughing when she smiles because it is so big.  Her big bottom teeth are the first things you notice but then you realize that she had to top ones too.  She smiled real big and I saw that there are two more that are cutting through on the top.  Just like Quinn, she is very content and self entertained.  She sat and squished some peas while she ate for a while.  She bounced in her bouncer for a while and then she crawled around going from interesting toy to interesting toy.  At one point she pulled up on the leg of her bouncer.  I didn't know that she was pulling her self up to stand already.  It was so cool to see her do that.

Overall the afternoon and early evening could not have gone better.  We drove to West Chester to get Parker, which was pretty hysterical to have 3 car seats in my back seat.  It was a little nerve racking to have all three of them in the backseat, not because they misbehaved, but because that is a lot of kids in a car.  That is a lot of precious cargo.

I am so lucky to have those little girls in my life.  My and Parker's lives are so enhanced with them being our family.  I don't know how it worked out so well that Nikki and Zach's paths crossed mine but I am so happy everyday that they did.  Having great neighbors is one thing, but having neighbors that turn into family is so much better.

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