Saturday, August 6, 2011

This week has sucked.  I have been without Gluten for about 2 weeks but really paying super attention to it for about 10 days.  My stomach was jack up the other day, but over all I feel good.  I don't feel as bloated and heavy whenever I eat.  Now I don't know for sure if anything is going to change in terms of my IBS but I physically feel better this week.  However, emotionally, I have been a wreck.  And no, for anyone thinking it, it is not because I am menstuating (not too much info either because I knew you were thinking it), but I honestly think that I am a little depressed about this dramitc diet change.  Even since Parker was born, I have consciously eaten better because he always watches what I eat, but not having things that I love and how closely I have to pay attention to everything is a little stressful. 

Good news on the gluten free front though, Krishna (besides Naan bread) is almost entirely a gluten free menu....hello beautiful Indian food, you are now my best friend.


  1. Krishna is my favorite Indian food in aaaaaaall of Cincinnati.

  2. I like you because you have good read my blog and like Krishna :)