Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My New Bible

I got my Gluten Free Grocery Shopping Guide in the mail today!  It is great!  It literally has everything I need to know about the products I already have in my fridge or if I am my mom's or dad's, I can look up the product name and see if it is good to eat or not!  I am so excited about this book.  It has names brands, Kroger and Kroger Value brands and Meijer.  This book will seriously never leave my purse.  Between that and my childhood friend Liz sending me all types of yummy gluten free recipes, I feel so much more confident about being successful through this transition.  The book couldn't have arrived on a better day too.  Work was stressful this morning, everything that I had planned went the complete opposite.  Typically when that happens, I have an early sub (and feel like shit the rest of the day) or eat some bread guts or even gnaw on some day old.....not today.  It was hard to because my bread was effin perfect all day.  Then the mail came and I my bread craving went away.  It is great not feeling like crap all the time.  Eating isn't as heavy feeling, unless I eat too much like it did tonight....dinner was good and I could stop my self!

So yeah, that's it.  I am just that excited about my new book that I dedicated this little post to it.  Seriously, I can not express the level of excitement.....seriously :)

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